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App-2-App Communications

Turn Choppy Experiences to Enjoyable ones

In a hyper engaged market, getting the full attention of your customer is hard. Contextual communications ensures your customers don’t lose focus of your application.


Security and Privacy First

Cloudonix's mobile SDK is encrypted by default - ensuring full privacy. Utilizing Cloudonix's RegFree Dialing™ technology, provides enhanced security - compared to traditional VoIP and WebRTC.

Network Reseliance

Cloudonix's mobile SDKs ensure perfect audio quality, under any network condition - as harsh as it may be, regardless of the network itself.

Multiple Codec Support

Cloudonix's mobile SDKs support all traditional telephony codecs - with added support for Opus and iLBC. Supported codecs include:

Hardware Device Profiling

Did you know, there are over 28,000 different Android device types? each device with its own special characteristics. Cloudonix's mobile SDKs simplifies building a VoIP/WebRTC solution - supporting any device type, today or in the future. Supported features include:


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Android Watch Secured Communications for Kids

Building a mobile VoIP application is complex - building a VoIP application on a smart watch is even more channlenging. Trackimo used Cloudonix's mobile SDK and platform to develop a unique child friendly communications solutions - powering Nickelodeons' NickWatch™ product.

Virtual Mobile Devices Management

As enterprises rapidly adopt BYOD - the need to proper corporate governance and control over employee devices grows. Cubed Mobile's unique platform and application integrated Cloudonix's mobile SDK and platform to enable a full mobile phone experience, inside a secured workspace - without requiring an additonal SIM card or special device.

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