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Analytics and Call Tracking
Track Your Marketing Dollars
Get accurate performance analytics for your marketing spend.

Marketing Analytics​

From Measurement To Sentiment​

Your voice calls data is priceless. The insights hidden within these carries a key to your business success. Optimizing sales processes or improving customer care, voice calls provide actionable data to work with.
  • Track the time of day and days of the week – to accurately predict a customers call answering rate.
  • Record calls to enable sentiment analysis and analyse contact center agent performance.
  • Easily add voice calling to any mobile or web app in 15 minutes.
  • Elevate your digital assets with voice calling integration on Facebook®, WhatsApp®, and more.
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Better Data At Lower Cost​

Streamline Your Marketing Budget​

Know where voice calls are coming from, a realtime media-to-prospect correlation. Track inbound sale prospects over multipel voice channels.
  • Create different calling options for different media channels.
  • Track prospects and customers beyond the landing page itself.
  • Provide a rapid response to inbound sales leads – right when the customer is hot to buy.
  • Integrate with your favorite LowCode/NoCode services (zapier,, pipedream, etc) to create your ultimate tracking soltion.

More options, More Sales

Be Local, Go Global

Call analytics provides a “birds’ eye view” of your global marketing spend – enabling you to optimize spend as you progress.
  • Save costs by triggering calls from remote countries, without the need for a phone number.
  • Connect local services providers in multiple countries to a single unified platform.
  • Get full control over your telecom spend, with not hidden costs or small print.
  • Integrate with your existing contact center platform – no need to change existing workflows or platforms.
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