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Add voice communications to Android™ based smart watches – no SIM/eSIM required.

Imagining the impossible

Talking Cars are now a thing

In 1982, Glen A. Larson released to the world a TV series called Knight Rider. Since that day, the idea of an AI powered vehicle was implanted in the minds of thousands of future engineers. Another concept introduced in the show, long before any cellular phone was even available to the market, was a smart wrist watch as a communications device. Cloudonix empowers developers to #DoMore with Smartwatches and wearable devices, enabling communications on these unique devices.
  • Add voice communications to Android™ based wearable devices – in as little as 4 hours.
  • Connect your wearable devices to Generative AI solution providers, building unique voice experiences.
  • Support multiple SmartWatch device types and vendors, using the Cloudonix Mobile Fragmentation Engine™
  • Use RegFree Dialing™ to ensure device battery and network consumption is under control – ideal for IoT and Roaming based networks.
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The Future is closer than you think

beyond wearable devices

Cloudonix’s SDK isn’t limited to just mobile phones or wearable devices – it’s a general VoIP SDK for Android™ and iOS™ devices. It can be integrated with Smart TVs, Multimedia Car Entertainment systems and more. Cloudonix ushers in an era where content providers and media aggregators can #DoMore – simply by creating a new experience. Imagine your kids being able to directly converse with their favorite character – right on the TV set.
  • Create dual screen experiences that engage with viewers.
  • Add direct-to-consumer customer care capabilities in your FAST/AVoD/SVoD applications.
  • Create a unique retail experience, connecting home appliances to retailers and merchants.
  • Provide services globally – using a single infrastructure and code base.

Success Story

When Nickelodeon™ met Cloudonix

Kids can never get enough Nickelodeon. With NickWatch’s interactive technology, the characters they love are always ready to play. They can race through the tunnels with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, balance silly objects on Spongebob’s head or trade secrets in Morse code with Lincoln Loud. The fun is endless. Best of all, subscription plans include a Caregiver App so you always know your kids are safe. Developed by Trackimo, the device incorporates Cloudonix’s secured voice communications in the watch and as part of the Caregiver App. For more information about the NickWatch go to
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