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Simplicity and transparency

Our #doMore Philosophy

We believe that in an era of uncertainty and financial instability – being able #DoMore with what you have is crucial. Cloudonix is the #DoMore platform, enabling its customers to sell more, engage faster and make customers happier.

Let us tell you a little bit more about our passion, values and more.

Nir Simionovich, CEO and Founder

The #DoMore Concept

Our Passion

What is the #DoMore Concept? Can you really do more with your phone? can you do more with your business? – we believe that you can. In fact, we know what you can – we’ve helped dozens of businesses to #DoMore with their existing communications. #DoMore doesn’t mean “do more calls” – it means, use your existing communications in an innovative way, that will enable your business to do more than just “make calls”. 

It’s not easy being an early stage startup – challenges are everywhere. Our team is driven by the unstoppable urge, to create innovative customer engagement technology. It’s not just about the business, it is about our ability to directly impact the lives and well being of millions of people around the world. It’s about our ability to help our customers #DoMore for their business.

Oded Arbel, CTO and Co-Founder

Innovation as a Way of Life

Our Values

We are innovators at heart – with our roots deeply rooted in the Open Source movement. We are strong believers in sharing our technology, our expertise, and our know-how. With a combined experience of over 90 years – we see it as our mission to constantly innovate and make the world better.

Simplicity, Transparency and Community are at the core of our corporate and development values. It is our mission to help businesses #DoMore – by providing them with simple to use, highly transparent tools and by creating an active community of makes and innovators that challenge us on a daily basis.

Eric Klein, COO/CISO and Co-Founder

From classic Telecoms to software defined communications

Our Past and Future

We’ve been a part of the telecom and IT industry for over 30 years. We’ve seen the technology world change dozens of times – seeing fads come and go. One thing remained a constant – communications was always a key factor to any business success. Having spent over 20 years in traditional telecoms – and then transitioning to the world of Open Source communications, we’ve seen at first hand, how open communications platforms can make businesses successful. 

Cloudonix is a brand new way of looking at telecoms – looking at it not from a Telco point of view, but from a business point of view. As technology changes, businesses want to change as well – traditional communications confine them to outdated practices and paradigms. It is our mission to challenge these and take businesses to where they want to go – be it on-premise, in the cloud or the metaverse.

Building something amazing?

We love talking to builders and makers. looking to build the next skype™? looking to improve your outbound sales? - tell us all about it, we can help.

What is it that you would like to doMore with? ​