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Our Customers #doMore by using Cloudonix

Cloudonix is the #DoMore platform, enabling its customers to sell more, engage faster and make customers happier.

For us to be successful, our customers must be successful. We work with our customers closely, helping them #DoMore and to build new innovative solutions for complex business challenges.

Our Customers #doMore by using Cloudonix​

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Software Defined Communications and Mobile SDKs

Wearables And IoT​

Wearable devices and IoT are all around us. Be it smart watches or a “self-ordering fridge” – smart devices are everywhere. As devices become “smarter,” voice communications is essential. This can be for child-care or elderly-care, voice communications is a crucial element.

Wearables And IoT​​
Call Tracking And Marketing Automation​​

Software Defined Communications and Programmable Voice

Call Tracking And Marketing Automation​

Call Tracking and Marketing Automation has become synonymous with modern marketing. Be it online or offline, the requirement to accurately measure the effectiveness a campaign is crucial.

Programmable Voice

Customer Engagement​

Customer relationships are built are conversations, stronger relationships are built on voice conversations. Businesses are focusing on simple and friendly conversations, which forge long lasting connections and thrive. Financial and Insurance services are notorious for maintaining low quality voice engagements – normally associated with their work-flow which can’t be avoided.

Customer Engagement​​
In-App Communications​

Software Defined Communications and Programmable Voice

In-App Communications

In-App Communications enables app/web users to communicate at ease, without compromising privacy, and/or security. With security, privacy and scalability in mind, Cloudonix is designed for large scale services, such as –
Uber, Lyft, Via, Bringg, etc.

Software Defined Communications

Work From Home / Anywhere​

Even after COVID-19, partial, hybrid, or fully remote work will continue. This means that offices and contact centers require a solution to enable remote working. Cloudonix rapidly engaged the market with a WFH solution that enabled contact centers to connect remote agents, without compromising workflows or corporate network security policies.

Work from Home / Work from Anywhere

Software Defined Communications

Real-Time Emotional Assistance

During times of crisis, people need support. Cloudonix is being used to enable 24/7 support  from any place and at any time, tailored to the individuals needs.

Software Defined Communications

Armed Emergency Response

in times of active shooters or terror getting the word out to those who can respond can save lives. Cloudonix is being used to enable the scrambling of emergency armed tactical response teams in local communities.

Software Defined Communications

Legal Aid for War victims

During the war in Israel many people have experienced loses of physical property. This service works to help them with filing the necessary paperwork to be compensated from the appropriate government bodies.

Software Defined Communications and Programmable Voice

Satellite Communications​

In the realm of satellite communications, cost efficiency plays a critical role. Today’s satellite voice communications are expensive and unreliable, emphasizing the pressing need for improvements. High quality audio, over low bandwidth satellite links, is a unique challenge that requires a completely different approach toward voice communications.

Satellite Communications​​

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