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Adding a new twist to Call and Media Analytics
Knowledge Center
Adding a new twist to Call and Media Analytics
Knowledge Center
Adding a new twist to Call and Media Analytics

Callbox - Customer Success Story

Company Overview

Company Name: Callbox Ltd
Location: Israel

Product Description

Callbox provides its customers with a complete solution for media and call analytics. Callbox’s solution fully integrate with Google and Facebook ad services, providing a clear and concise understanding of media and advert ROI.

The Challenge

Key Issues

The utilization expenses of Callbox in Israel, which is not a key market for these, were expensive because the company was using a number of different CPaaS providers, specifically Twilio™ and Plivo™. The ability of Callbox to develop one-of-a-kind solutions and integrations was also restricted due to the fact that it was utilizing a number of different third-party software as a service (SaaS) items.

Impact of Challenges

The above challenges were impacting Callbox in a way where they were unable to expand and progress at the pace they needed. In addition, the increasing costs each month were proving to be a “critical chain” creating a financial strangle hold on the company’s cost and pricing model.

The Solution

Why Cloudonix?

Cloudonix provided Callbox with the ability to actively interconnect with multiple local-loop carriers in Israel, reducing its overall communications charges. In addition, as call traversed the Cloudonix Core platform, Callbox was now able to create new experiences and for their customers, dramatically improving their customer stickiness and reducing their ongoing pricing related churn.

Nir Simionovich

CEO, Cloudonix

From the very beginning, our vision for Cloudonix was to create a platform that would be accessible to all carriers, regardless of their affiliations. Our platform empowers customers to effortlessly connect carriers, cloud providers, and on-premise systems, while also enhancing them with new API capabilities. We are thrilled to witness the continuous growth of Callbox, which serves as a prime example of Cloudonix’s capabilities.


Through the utilization of Cloudonix, Callbox was able to reduce its communications spending by over 35% and grow their customer base by over 250% in less than 24 months.