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Programmable Voice and Voice APIs
#DoMore With Voice Calls
#DoMore Sales With Programmable Voice.
Personalize Every Call On The Phone, Mobile App, Or Web.

Contextual Communications

Make Every Call Count

Boost customer happiness and engagement with contextual communications. On the phone or through a WebRTC app – guarantee rapid responses.
  • Enhance your calls with the convenience of a global network and excellent audio quality.
  • Maximize call productivity with customer data. Reduce handling time and anticipate needs.
  • Easily add voice calling to any mobile or web app in 15 minutes.
  • Elevate your digital assets with voice calling integration on Facebook®, WhatsApp®, and more.

Just In Time Voice Commerce

ABC - Always Be Closing

Let your customers talk to you directly – when it really matters. Enable direct voice communications from your e-Commerce shop – and see how your sales close faster.
  • Collect customer information over an encrypted and private connection.
  • Easily integrate with your existing e-Commerce solution, using our simple to use APIs.
  • Provide a direct path to sales agent – no need for complex voice menus.
  • Reduce the time to close a sale by up to 75%.

Unique Customer Experiences

Uniqueness That Sells More

Maximize your business’s potential with global reach and a unique calling experience for your customers, without phone numbers or geographical restrictions.

  • Build unique voice calling experiences with programmable voice.
  • Bring your own carriers and/or on-premise systems.
  • Create a unique customer experience that delight your customers.
  • Make every call a memorable experience and turn customers into “business ambassadors”.
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Toll Fraud Security Sentry

As a global calling services company, bGlobal needed a solution to improve the control and authorization of their calls. But their existing platform wasn’t enough. That’s where Cloudonix came in. Using the Cloudonix platform, bGlobal was able to build a highly robust solution that enhanced the granular control over their inbound and outbound calls. With Cloudonix, bGlobal was able to take their calling services to the next level and provide an even better experience for their customers.