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What is RegFree™ Dialing?

Traditional SIP is notorious for being unsuitable for mobile use. From its constant keep-alive routines to its bloated signaling protocol, it was never truly adapted to the mobile world. Cloudonix and its RegFree™ dialing was designed specifically to address these issues.

RegFree™ Dialing Provides Enhanced Security and is Mobile Friendly

Enhanced Security

Security and Privacy First

Traditional SIP is not a particularly secure protocol. It is known to be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle and session replay attacks, in addition to being highly vulnerable to password brute-forcing. RegFree™ Dialing employs a unique methodology that is more akin to modern OpenID security and authorization concepts, ensuring greater privacy and security.
  • To make a call, ephemeral tokens are used, which can only be used once.
  • Tokens are created by the customer, ensuring that no one, not even Cloudonix staff, has access to them.
  • Tokens can only be used once; using an old token to attempt a session replay attack will fail.
  • Tokens are used in both outbound and inbound call flow scenarios.

Mobile First Design

Powerful, yet mobile friendly

Traditional SIP wasn’t made for mobile devices; it’s too big for the network and uses a lot of battery. Cloudonix’s RegFree™ Dialing was made to use the least amount of battery and data, so that mobile apps don’t become a burden on the device or the user’s wallet.
  • Does not require the remote mobile application to remain registered with the Cloudonix platform, reducing network usage of the SDKs – use it only when needed.
  • Reduces network usage by not requiring constant keep-alive messages to be sent between the mobile application and the platform.
  • Uses industry-standard push notifications, either on mobile or on the web, to ensure proper signaling and operations.
  • When compared to standard SIP provisioning and authorization mechanisms, it is significantly easier to use and integrate.

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