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NoCode Integrations Integration
Rapidly create unique voice applications,
integrate with over 200 SaaS platforms.

Voice applications made easy

Think Fast, Execute Faster

Build voice enabled business processes, that integrates with favorite SaaS platforms – without writing code.
  • Rapidly experiment with voice applications and call flows.
  • Integrate with platforms such as Salesforce®, HubSpot®, Zoho® and more.
  • Add AI/LLM and business intelligence to your voice engagements.

Take Back Control

Your Business, Your Rules

No one knows your business as well as you do. Take control over your voice calls, no developer required.
  • Integrate your Shoppify® with your phone systems. Provide valuable information to your customers – no human agent required.
  • Answer every call to your business, don’t let customers wait – what they need, when they need it.
  • Integrate your payment gateway, such as Stripe®, providing customers with financial information as well.
  • Combine Cloudonix’s <GATHER> transcription with LLMs and <SAY>
  • text-to-spech for a unique customer experience.

True Workflow Visualization

Drag-n-Drop Coding Experience

Combined with, Cloudonix becomes the communications platform of choice for building complex voice call interactions – quickly and easily.

  • Use Drag-n-Drop elements to create complex workflows, the perform voice calling interactions and business processes – in parallel.
  • Integrate any modern voice calling platform, either on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Add powerful 3rd party AI capabilities, such as transcription and sentiment analysis – without changing your existing communications platform.
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Call Tracking and PSTN Replacement

Callbox provides businesses in Israel with a call metering solution, providing accurate analytical analysis of online and offline advertisement campaigns – using Twilio® as its primary calling infrastructure. Callbox required a solution to enable local PSTN replacement services in Israel. Integrating Cloudonix’s global network, Callbox was able to perform local interconnects in Israel and connect these to Twilio’s infrastructure.