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By Maor Rudick

A new era of communications applications is changing the way that communication applications are integrated into day-to-day life. A few years ago the thought of an application built specifically for a school-aged child to directly communicate with the police or for the average citizen to aid in fighting crime would have been ludicrous. Today, it is the reality that we live in. As news headlines have become further filled with violent news, police departments around the United States have been creating their own headlines with their development of security apps.

The need for a direct line with the necessary law enforcement and security forces has become more crucial than ever. It is the difference of a split second, of the ability to send a text or to make a call to the relevant authorities. This direct line employs contextual communications, thus allowing for not only civilians to contact the police, but for there to be two-way communication between the two to ensure the utmost effectiveness in keeping citizens safe. These same citizens can not only send in tips, contact the police, and receive feedback or answers to questions, but also are able to send in pictures and other such data that can aid the police in their work towards a more secure environment. An added bonus is the anonymity component, in which, for example, a child who would have previously been scared to tell someone of their classmate threatening to bring a gun to school would have the ability to inform the police with little to no fear.

The Willowick Police Department in Ohio has been one of the headliners that is paving the way for these contextual security applications. The department developed a smartphone app called STOP (Students Text Officer Protocol), specifically designed for direct communication between kids and the police department by way of text messaging. The goal behind the app is that, while many kids are hesitant to pick up a phone and call, they are less afraid to send a text message.

The Chattanooga Police Department, located in Tennessee, has created a free mobile app that helps “both the public and the police department solve everything from noise complaints to homicides.” The app offers features ranging from neighborhood crime tracking to real-time emergency notification to direct communication between police and “tipsters” (civilians who send in complaints or information).

The contextual communications technology offered by Cloudonix helps to keep users’ safety in their own hands. Imagine that with a click of a button you can send a warning or request: complete with GPS location and a photograph straight to the police. This way help can be only a couple moments away.

As the world seems to become more chaotic everyday, increased communication between law enforcement and the average citizen can help keep people safe and prevent crime.

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