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Businesses invest good money into various communication services. Be it a CPaaS (eg. Twilio, Plivo, etc.) or a CCaaS (eg. Aircall, Dialpad, etc.) – they can all be made better. With Cloudonix your favorite communication services can do more than they were designed to do.

From Hybrid Working to Hybrid Connectivity

Hybrid Working

The Hybrid Workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic is behind us – but the hybrid workplace is here to stay. Be it an “employee perk” or a “business continuity” requirement – the hybrid workplace is rapidly becoming the “new normal” for businesses. Employees, constantly in search of a better work-life balance, are now demanding the ability to work remotely. With Cloudonix, businesses can #DoMore with their existing communications solutions, be it in the cloud or on premise.

  • Extend the reach of your existing on-premise communications solution with Cloud connectivity that is secured and private.
  • Add external communications resources to your existing communications solution – without adding licensing fees.
  • Connect employees to your on-premise or cloud communications service – from anywhere in the world (a must for compliance).
  • Rapidly connect multiple communications services – in minutes.

#DoMore with

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Disclaimer: Logos presented are of services and platforms Cloudonix customers have  integrated with Cloudonix.

Supercharging the BYOC Feature

Global Networking

Since 2019, most cloud communications providers have introduced Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) capabilities. These capabilities introduced a great deal of financial capabilities to businesses, while at the same time, enabling businesses outside of the cloud providers network reach to be serviced. Cloudonix enables businesses to #DoMore with BYOC – making it much more powerful than imagined.

  • Connect any carrier to any BYOC solution – using a single management portal and routing solution.
  • Provide BlackBox Transcoding™ capabilities to remotely connected carriers, simplifying your infrastructure.
  • Optimize your CPaaS/CCaaS spending – by offloading functions to Cloudonix.
  • Rapidly voice connect cloud communications solutions to a single business operational workflow.

Programmable Voice and More

Voice API Enablement

Most businesses are not in a hurry to replace their exiting communications systems, in fact, in most cases – businesses will be highly reluctant to do so. They understand that a new system will provide new capabilities, but are worried about the potential complications and worst, the potential loss of business due to malfunction. 

With Cloudonix, businesses encouraged to #DoMore with their existing communications system – without changing anything.

  • Add Voice APIs to an existing communications system, simply by adding a SIP trunk to it.
  • Add Mobile and Web connectivity in a secure manner, without exposing the business network.
  • Integrate smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and other Generative AI tools to your existing communications system.
  • Add new features that will delight your customers and strengthen your relationship with them.

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