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Sales and Customer Success
#DoMore Sales
Sales is time consuming and expensive, you need to spend money to make money. Cloudonix’s Software Defined Communications enables you to #DoMore than just talk to prospects.

Accelerate sales

Close Sales Faster!

Empower your customers to connect with your sales team from anywhere: websites, mobile ads, emails, print ads, even drone-made QR codes. With Cloudonix, #DoMore than just advertise – engage! Let customers make calls over the data network directly from your ads. Start engaging now!
  • Let your prospects contact at ease – no messy forms or slow response workflows.
  • Convert prospects on any media – online or offline. Turn any media asset into a communications enabler.
  • Don’t lose customers while they wait for your agents to call back – for every minute that passes, you lose 5% change of closing a sale.
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Integrates Easily With...

Use any SIP compatible service or equipment to connect with Cloudonix. The following vendors and services are actively used by Cloudonix customers, building innovative solutions.

Connect Your System

Never Rip'n'Replace

Connect your existing phone system to Cloudonix and add new capabilities. Ranging from AI/LLM based robotic agents to complex CRM/ERP integrated work flows – it’s all available.
  • Connect your existing communications system, on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Seamlessly create new experiences, without reinvesting in your communications system.
  • Use Make.Com to create new experiences easily – integrating with over 500 SaaS services.

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Experiences Customer Rave About

Everyone has had the experience of calling customer support and having to explain who they are and why they are calling, even when starting from inside the company’s mobile app. Cloudonix enables businesses to #DoMore with their mobile applications and digital assets – transforming customer support to a delight.
  • Customers contact customer support directly from within the support context – ensuring rapid and accurate support response.
  • Engage with your customer using your own communications channel – ensuring security, privacy and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Build customer support mechanisms that are unique to your business – ones that will make your customer rave your business.
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