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Analytics and Call Tracking​

boost the efficiency of your marketing initiatives

Call Tracking and Marketing Automation has become synonymous with modern marketing. Be it online or offline, the requirement to accurately measure the effectiveness a campaign is crucial.

Improve your Success Rate

Take your marketing analytics to the next level

Marketing analytics look to understand and improve both the click through and conversion rates of internet advertising. Traditionally this is done using pools of phone numbers that are placed on digital ads. By counting the number of calls by the advertising it was posted on can tell you a little about which ad gets more activity.

But in the end, just getting clicks is not enough, conversion is the real goal of all marketing.

Understanding is key, reported by Sales Hacker:

If your calls aren’t closing, you should consider recording technology or even outside analytics services as a means to assess what isn’t working. By taking a step back and evaluating the effectiveness of your current pitch, you can optimize your talking points to increase your conversions. Follow the best practices of the above industries by sampling their processes to discern how their value statement tends to be as compelling as the data showcases.

By using Cloudonix you not only don’t need an expensive pool of phone numbers, but you can also collect additional data to help improve your sales conversions.

Do you want more clicks or more sales?

By staying in the data channel, you can collect more data about what gets the right prospects to click and buy, your site can pass on just the computer’s ID and Internet Protocol (IP) address, or you can add in additional third party options and metrics:

  • Call duration
  • Add in a transcription service
  • Add in a sentiment analysis service

Thus, you can learn more about the call and determine not which ads get more clicks, but which ads get more sales.

A/B testing done better

Learn which ads work best, wither they are on the internet or a billboard. Using Cloudonix will get you more data to analyze what works best.

No Need for pools of phone numbers

Cloudonix reduces or removes the need for phone numbers as calls go over the data network. Set the link or QR code once, and it will continue to pass on data when ever the prospect calls.

More Data for better decisions

Learn more than just which ad caught their attention, find out how long they were talking to an agent, which ads actually close the deal


Run as many ads, or locations as you like - without limits. Each call will be unique and the source will be available for you to track.

Revolutionary Possibilities

Security By Design​

Cloudonix's RegFree technology ensures identity theft is a thing of the past and call session can't be replayed by 3rd parties.​

Cross Cloud Native Infrastructure

Our global network spans multiple cloud providers, ensuring that your service is never disrupted or media quality degraded. Leveraging our experience with carrier class platform and web-scale technologies, Cloudonix takes cloud scalability to new heights.

Support When Needed​

Connect to our support teams via #slack, to ensure rapid response to any query or issue​

Secured and Private

Cloudonix calls are encrypted by default, using industry standard encryption protocols. No PII or other customer identification data is required for platform operations.

A Global Network

Our global network spans 48 locations around the globe - ensuring the highest possible voice quality - always!

Carrier and Vendor Agnostic

Connect any carrier, on-premise VoIP or cloud VoIP provider. Use your SIP trunks and phone numbers.

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