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In the realm of satellite communications, cost efficiency plays a critical role.Today’s satellite voice communications are expensive and unreliable,emphasizing the pressing need for improvements. High quality audio, over low bandwidth satellite links is a unique challenge – that requires a completely different approach towards voice communications.


HiSky Satellite Networks is an industry leading satellite communications provider. The company’s array of products is deployed globally, providing real-time satellite communications for fleet management, energy management, agriculture and more. Following a growing demand from its customers, the company was required to add voice communications services to its solution – which is based on data services only.

Realizing that their solution wouldn’t scale properly and that it was unable to support cutting-edge voice codecs (that are more suitable for satellite transmission) – the company contacted Cloudonix for assistance. The relationship between the companies was that of partners, building a solution never seen before.

Cloudonix Software Defined Communications platform enabled hiSky to easily deploy the services anywhere in the world, without any need for physical deployment. Additionally, the platform enabled the company to easily connect with multiple carriers and services providers – using standardized voice codecs, while all transcoding functions are performed inside the Cloudonix SDC platform.

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