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Mobile Fragmentation Engine™

With over 40,000 mobile device types – it’s an impossible task to build an application that will seamlessly work with all of them. Ranging from different hardware specifications, through plastics and chassis – each device is a world of its own. Cloudonix’s Mobile Fragmentation Engineā„¢ makes catering to these a breeze – without changing your application code.

Any-Device is Supported with Mobile Fragmentation Engine™

Hardware and Chassis


Mobile devices come in multiple shapes, sizes, hardware and more. For mobile developers – supporting multiple devices seamlessly and easily is crucial. By eliminating the need to publish application updates, supporting specific device types, application vendors can focus on their business – instead of constantly figuring out how to support multiple devices.

  • A serverless backend supporting and maintaining any device type configuration – no mobile SDK update required.
  • A constantly updated database of devices – with specific configurations, ensuring the best operational profile possible.
  • Supporting iOS™, Android™ and AOSP devices.
  • Supporting smart phones, smart watches, multimedia systems and more.
Easier Codec Compatibility
Seamlessly interconnect

A Global Serverless Engine


Cloudonix’s Mobile Fragmentation Engine™ is a constantly updated, global database, of mobile devices that use the Cloudonix mobile SDK. When using the Cloudonix Mobile SDK, the SDK will query the platform engine for an optimal device profile.
  • Device profiles are constantly updated by Cloudonix staff and Cloudonix customer community members – an ever growing community of developers and enthusiasts.
  • Device profiles include optimal voice and video configurations – ensuring the best performance for each device type.

Elastic Device Profiling


To achieve the highest possible audio and video quality, multiple factors need to be accounted for. These may include echo canceling, noise suppressing, codec support, gain control, volume amplification and more. Cloudonix’s Device Fragmentation Engine™ enables control over each factor, remotely, without requiring SDK or mobile application updates.
  • Upon initiating the Cloudonix mobile SDK, the SDK will query the platform for the optimal profile.
  • If no optimal profile is found – the platform will provide the closest possible profile, based upon the device type (vendor, model, etc.).
  • If changes are required to the profile, these can be introduced at the server side. Deploying to the mobile application simply requires a restart of the application.
  • With over 40,000 device types already in the system – and new profiles being contributed by Cloudonix customer community members – Cloudonix maintains the largest database of device profiles to date.

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